MoonGravity1260 spin

A 1260 melon, using the Moon gravity cheat.

A 1080+ spin is three full spins and over. In-game, 1080's and over are usually done with the "moon gravity" cheat.

Nobody in real life has ever done a 1080+ spin yet, and therefore is not classified as a trick, however, skateboarder and snowboarder, Shaun White, has unsuccessfully attempted the 1080. In a surprising turn of events, a 12 year old Tom Schaar became the first ever to land a 1080, 0n March 30, 2012. Two others (Jonothan Swan and Mitchie Brusco) have landed the 1080, the latest (by Brusco) on 5/17/13.

Using the "moon gravity" cheat is highly frowned upon and may lead to online arguments and cussing.

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