Balance Meter in THPS3

The Balance Meter was first introduced in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 as a Manual Balance Meter. This feature was pre existent in Pro Skater 2 but was completely invisible in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. However, Players could earn their bearings while grinding by observing the angle. If it was tilted, the player was close to falling off the grind. If the player tilts too much, the player will bail and lose their combo.

In THPS2X a balance meter was added for grinding and placed beside the player.

In THPS3 the grinding balance meter was placed on top of the player's head. They also added a lip balance meter and a slight reset every time the player jumped onto another rail, lipped into another coping, or manualed again during a combo, giving the player more balance.

In THPS4 the lip balanced meter was placed over the player.

In THAW the balance meter would change color depending where the player leaned. Green would mean that the player would roll out and possibly end their combo if they leaned too far, while red would make the player bail and lose their combo after leaning too far.

In THPG the screen would no longer tilt if the player leans in a certain direction.

In THPS HD the slight reset is missing.

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