Character Ben Whofleck

Ben Whofleck

Ben Whofleck is a fictional skater and story character in THAW. This character is a reference to American actor Ben Affleck.

Missions with Ben Whofleck Edit

Kickflip Ben Whofleck Edit

Mindy's friend Duane will teach you a few more rad tricks, but first you'll have to do him a favor by doing a kickflip over Ben Whofleck's head in order to make him look like even more of a loser. Head over to the movie theatre, which is to the left of the skate shop, and line yourself up with the velvet ropes. Grind the first one and ollie over Whofleck's head just before the rope ends. You'll have to do a kickflip while in the air, so you may want to practice it a bit before you start this mission. Land on the next rope in a grind.[1]

References Edit

  1. Story Mode part 2

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