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The Bullring ("Bullring by the Sea" in real life) is a competition level featured in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, located in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

Origin Edit

The real "Bullring" can be seen in the THPS1 intro movie, it is shown as a ramp with a large loop in the middle of a stadium. It appeared first in the Birdhouse skate video officially titled: "Bird in the Bullring". The game level iteration was expanded with extra objects and was given a more Mexican feel by the unique gap names and announcer.

Description Edit

This level is often remembered for its very high heights. The huge starting halfpipe is a staple of the level, as well as the huge loop found to the lower left of the halfpipe. The level is known, and often loathed, for the bull that does laps around the pens under the balconies, risking your life, and combo. Going into the bullpen can reap great reward, though, as green piles of dung contain $250 bills to collect are present. The extremely long and high up light wires above the level are the other infamous part of The Bullring, as it is incredibly difficult to actually land a grind on one in order to get the cash icons floating on them. Also, grinding one of these highwires and then landing on one of the balconies on either side will warrant huge points, as for every light broken, a gap is rewarded, and there's another point racking gap to be had from landing safely into the stands of a balcony.

Level Specific Edit

While there are no secret areas in Bullring, it is remarkable by it's helicopter crash at the start of each run and the bull, running around the outer perimeter. The Skater can perform the "Bull Plant" trick off the bull, and find 4 Piles of Dung with $250 hidden in them are scattered throughout the bullpen as well.


  • "¡Arriba!"
  • "¡Ándale, ándale, andale!"
  • "¡Toro, toro, toro! (Bull, bull, bull!)"
  • "¡Vaya con dios, amigo! (Go with God, friend!)"

Trivia Edit

  • This level was mirrored unlike the level select image and how it appeared in Tony Hawk's THPS1 video.

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