This is a gap list for the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level, Burnside.


BRIDGE GAP There is one big bridge in the middle of Burnside. To get the Bridge Gap, you have to jump over one of the bridges.

OVER DA POOL Get lots of air from the ramps that are scattered throughout Burnside, and then jump over the entire eyeball pool.

TRANSFER Jump from the big quarter pipe at the back of the level into the bowl in the corner. Or for the same gap, jump from the bowl and land on the quarter pipe.

TWINKIE TRANSFER After exploring around Burnside for a bit, you should soon notice a kind of lump that is sticking out of the floor. To get this gap, jump from the lump into the bowl with the big vert wall by it (not the eyeball bowl).

VERT WALL GAP Make your way over to the eyeball pool. Get a bit of air, and then jump over the vertical wall.


BRIDGE GRIND To get this gap, grind on one of the bridges.

TRIPLE RAIL There is always one difficult gap in every stage. Well, here's the difficult gap in Burnside. After exploring around for a while, you should notice three grey planters that seem to be in odd places. To get this gap, grind one of the planters, jump to the next planter and grind that, and then jump to the final planter and grind that.

Lip (THPS3 only)Edit

HI JEREMY Lip trick on the high wall above the big quarter pipe at the back of the level.

LIPPN' THE BRIDGE Under the bridge, there is a small quarter pipe near the eyeball bowl. Use this quarter pipe to launch up to a lip trick on the edge of the bridge.

MAIN WALL Go into the bowl in the corner of the level, and lip trick the high wall above the big quarter pipe at one side of the bowl.

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