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List of Cheat codes used across the THPS game series. Cheat codes are used to unlock cheats or hidden game features like skaters, levels, FMV, etc.

THPS3 (PC)Edit

  • yohomies - Unlock all characters
  • givemesomewood - Unlock all decks
  • Peepshow - Unlock all FMV Movies
  • Roadtrip - Unlock all levels (including 3 bonus levels from THPS)
  • MAGICMISSILE - Unlock all modes and "Perfect" cheats
  • PUMPMEUP - Unlock All Stat Points for Current Skater
  • WeEatDirt - Unlock Secret Create-a-Skaters
  • backdoor - Unlock the In-Game Cheat Menu
  • idkfa - Play as Doom Guy, get Gearbox Tribute Movie

THPS4 (PC)=Edit

  • doasuper - Full Special Meter
  • nospoon - Matrix Code
  • superfly - Moon Gravity
  • MULLENPOWER - Perfect Balance for Manuals
  • SSBSTS Perfect - Balance on Grinds and Lip Tricks
  • watch_me_xplode - Unlock Everything

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