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Cheats are game modifiers in various Tony Hawk's video games, which may give an advantage in scoring or used for other various reasons, such as executing glitches and exploring hidden parts of levels. Cheats are unlocked by advancing in Career or Story modes or by entering corresponding cheat codes.


Moon GravityEdit

This cheat is used in various Tony Hawk's video games to get very high jumps. The "Moon Gravity" cheat is a big advantage to doing spins over 1080.

Perfect RailEdit

This cheat is used when players don't want to balance themselves when grinding. This cheat is a big advantage to scoring high scores during combos.

Perfect SkitchEdit

This cheat is used when players don't want to balance while hitching a ride on the rear bumper of a car.

Perfect ManualEdit

This is used as a cheat when players don't want to balance while manualing. This cheat is advantage to big combos and high scores.

Snowboard mode Edit

This THPS3 cheat enables special physics mode that simulates snowboarding, skaters can easily ride sideways, turns are way more smoothed.


Drastically slows down everything. Its variant known as Matrix mode, slows down airtime and spin speed, though trick speed remain untouched.

Improved statisticsEdit

Always SpecialEdit

This cheat makes the special bar to be always full, even after bail. This cheat drastically affects score in THPS2, allowing to perform special tricks when you normally can't. It is not very helpful since THPS3, cause of addition of special bar fill-up during combo.

Super statsEdit

Also known as Stats 13 and Stud Obviously it gives the advantage comparing to normal 10 stats skater.

Expert ModeEdit

Also known as sim-mode, it drastically decreases skater stats, attempting to simulate real life physics. Though it fails, it is actually much harder to control skater.


First PersonEdit

Exclusive THPS3 cheat which allows to move camera to skater's head. The implementation is pretty poor, so it is very difficult to control skater.

Jet Pack modeEdit

Special THPS2 cheat that allowed skater to fly around the level.

Skip to restartEdit

Special THPS2 cheat that allows to start run at a location that varies from default.


Giant SkaterEdit

Skater becomes much bigger, larger and higher, which makes it hard to control the game.

Tiny SkaterEdit

Also known as kid mode, makes skater smaller and allows player to land sideways.

Big Head ModeEdit

This cheat increases skater head size. It apparently influenced Big Head Survival mode in THPSHD.

Gorilla ModeEdit

This cheat increases torso and head size, so skater looks like gorilla.


Several games are known to have secret skaters riding hoverboards, this cheat removes truck from absolutely every deck in the game.

Invisible ModeEdit

Skater's body is invisible, so you see only clothes performing tricks.

Level tweaksEdit

Mirror ModeEdit

A special THPS2 mode that allowed to flip (mirror) the whole level.

Wireframe ModeEdit

A special THPS2 mode that allowed to render everything as wireframe. Probably a debug option, chosen to be available as cheat.

Smooth Shading ModeEdit

A special THPS2 mode that allowed to render everything flatshaded. Probably a debug option, chosen to be available as cheat.

Disco ModeEdit

Famous THPS mode that forced game objects to flash in different colors.

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