Chad Muska is going to get bronze in THPS3's "Skater Island" level.

Comepetition is a single player game type in THPS games.


  • Each run is 1 minute.
  • Skaters get 3 runs.
  • Bails hurt scores.
  • Average of top 2 runs is the final score.
  • Top 3 skaters are awarded with medals.

Usage in gamesEdit

In THPS career mode player can participate in 3 competitions. Competition levels have no other goals and only 1 aim - get the medal. Three gold medals unlock skater FMV. It is nearly same in THPS2 and THPS3, the only addition is collectible items like money or stat points.

In THPS4 player has to activate a respective goal to start a competition. Each career level had competition along with other goals. Also competition types were introduced like street, vert, combo. Street comp takes place in a skatepark, vert comp - in a ramp and combo - in a small part of the map. Combo score doesn't count if skater leaves the comp area.

THUG didn't add much to this, but competition became the element of the story line and may be an obligatory goal. Also the other skaters are visible now during competition as well as their score (for example in Tampa AM competition where player has to beat Eric Sparrow.


  • Each competition has a certain score bar that will result in 99.9 if the player will gain more. It never exceeds 200,000 in first games in the series.
  • Player's opponents are the THPS professional skaters. Skater type is not counted, so you can easily see Rodney Mullen and Tony Hawk in the same competition list.

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