Custom Skater in Tony Hawk's Underground 1 & 2

Custom Skater (also known as Steve) is the main protagonist of Tony Hawk's Underground and Underground 2. THUG and its direct sequel, THUG2 are currently the only games in the main series to feature the same protagonist. While other games in the series also feature custom skaters as playable protagonists, each game tells a different story with unique characters whose default names are different.


  • The character's default name (Steve) can be found in the Pre-Made Skaters option.
  • In THUG2, the default model for for him is drastically changed, to accommodate theses changes, the default model was renamed "Chris". However the character (and voice actor) is still the same across both games, as the game is a direct sequel to THUG.
  • THUG & THUG2 are currently the only games in the main series to feature the same Protagonist.

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