Downhill loading screen

Downhill loading screen

Downhill is a level originally featured in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 exclusively for the N64 and PS1. It was eventually ported to the Xbox and PS2 versions of Tony Hawk's Project 8, although the styling of the level was changed quite a bit.

In the original level, the setting was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, which was apparent because of the statue O Cristo Redentor towering over the stage, whereas in Project 8, it is removed, and you are just placed into a nameless mountain community. Another strange change made to the level in Project 8 is that they removed the skatepark with bowls, rails, and halfpipes that you would reach after the long downhill descent, and opted for a house floating in the middle of a body of water. In both games, the level is unlocked after completing the career, although, in Pro Skater 3, it was a free skate level, in Project 8, however, it has a Classic Goal Challenge List of ten rather obscure goals. The level was always very mysterious and vague, and like most other downhill oriented ideas, it wasn't well recieved by fans.


  • While Downhill is not a competition level, competition camera animation is being played every run. It also plays the sound from Skate Heaven.
  • It is the only level in THPS3 that contains 10 stat points.
  • The level enviroments use the same textures from the Rio level.

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