This is the walkthrough for the goals for the different versions of the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level Downhill Jam.

Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterEdit

Score GoalsEdit

  • High Score: 20,000
  • Pro Score: 40,000

Collect S-K-A-T-EEdit

  • S: Floating in the air, past the kicker before the water pit bridged with two pipes. Launch from the kicker to get it.
  • K: On the raised pipes after the water pit, to the right (before the high pipes).
  • A: Launch up to the first high pipe above the corridor that serves as an HP, then grind it. You will come to a short, wide QP where the A is.
  • T: On the stone structure where valve #4 (see below) is located, there is a path that leads underground before hitting a ramp upwards at the bottom. The T is floating above this ramp.
  • E: Resting on the rail of the balcony of the power plant, near the end of the course. It can be reached by launching from the QP next to it.

Open 5 ValvesEdit

  1. On the raised pipes right after the start, to the right. There is a kicker next to these pipes, which can be used to launch up to these pipes.
  2. On the second kicker around the water pit, after the letter S of S-K-A-T-E.
  3. On the first high pipe over the corridor that serves as an HP, after the water pit.
  4. After the stone structure with the Secret Tape, there is a small bumper on the ground. Launching off from it will lead to the top of another stone structure, where the valve is.
  5. On the wall by the path leading down to the finish point.

Secret TapeEdit

The tape stands above a particularly tall stone structure, which can only be reached through the high pipes after the water pit. After grinding the one where valve #3 is, which leads to the QP where the A of S-K-A-T-E is. From there, there is another high pipe leading to the other side of the dam, where there are two QPs separated by a steep gap. Upon making the transfer, the path will lead to a stone walkway across the dam to a similar transfer setup. On the other end of the transfer is a ramp, which leads to the top of the structure, with the tape resting in plain sight on the rails placed on it.

Tony Hawk's Underground 2Edit

Score GoalsEdit

  • High Score: 159,000
  • Pro Score: 160,000
  • Sick Score: 500,000
  • High Combo: 100,000

Collect S-K-A-T-EEdit

Related are only letters whose locations changed from THPS; unmentioned letters are at the same positions.

  • K: Over a rail to the side of the stone gate over the water pit. Can be reached by launching off a kicker.
  • T: Past the top part of a billboard (which can be reached by launching off a kicker) before the finish line.
  • E: Past the rail next to the downhill path to the finish line.

Collect C-O-M-B-OEdit

As per the THPS4 mechanics, unlike S-K-A-T-E, C-O-M-B-O must be collected in a single line. Bailing or stopping it will bring the collected letters back to their places. Therefore, flatland sections linking the letters must be crossed with either Manuals or Combo Run Outs.

  • C: On the pipes above the water pit.
  • O: Floating in the air past the pipes.
  • M: On a vert ramp to the left, immediately after.
  • B: On the raised pipes to the right (where the K of S-K-A-T-E was in THPS).
  • O: At the end of the left side of the HP that serves as a corridor, after grinding on top of it.

Smash 5 CratesEdit

  1. On a ledge next to the raised pipes where valve #1 is.
  2. Above the stone gate over the water pit.
  3. Next to the QP where the A of S-K-A-T-E is.
  4. On the other side of the first transfer in the path to the Secret Tape.
  5. At the upper level near the finish line.

Japan Over the Giant GrateEdit

This grate is located just before the path splits, leading to the finish line. Each side of the grate has a bumper off which the skater may launch. Make sure you have enough speed to perform the move and land past the grate.

Manual Through the PuddlesEdit

There are five water puddles placed in plain sight throughout the level's main path. Any sort of manual counts towards the goal.

Secret TapeEdit

Same as in THPS.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HDEdit

Score GoalsEdit

  • High Score: 75,000
  • Pro Score: 150,000
  • Sick Score: 300,000

Collect S-K-A-T-EEdit

Same locations as THPS.

Open 5 ValvesEdit

Same locations as THPS.

Collect 5 Pipe WrenchesEdit

Each of the wrenches is placed on the path of the valves, just before them.

Manual Through 5 PuddlesEdit

When the valves are opened, the water that streams out of the floodgates will make the puddles on the ground, along the main path. The floodgates are located past the respective valves. Like in THUG, any Manual counts towards the goal, as long as you start it before crossing the puddle and hold it until you have passed it.

Special Trick Over the Giant GrateEdit

Same as THUG2, except the player needs to perform an Air Special Trick instead of a Japan (which is a regular Grab Trick).

Secret DVDEdit

Same as in THPS.

100% Goals and CashEdit

Complete all of the goals and collect all the cash icons in the level.

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