Feeble grind

The Feeble grind.

The Feeble is a grind trick in which the rear truck and the edge of the board both touch the rail/ledge. A Feeble is similar to a Smith, with the only difference being the location of the front truck. In a feeble, the front truck must travel over the rail/ledge and remain on the opposite side from where the skater approached the rail.

In the Tony Hawk series, Feebles are typically performed by pressing the grind button along with down and either right or left on the d-pad. Whether right or left is used depends on the approaching direction of the skater. Because Feebles require the front truck to be on the opposite side of the rail, the direction button used must be opposite the direction from which the skater approached the rail. Therefore a "regular" skater performs a FS Feeble with down+right and a BS Feeble with down+left, while a "goofy" skater performs a FS Feeble with down+left and a BS Feeble with down+right.

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