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Las Vegas is a level in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix. It is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. After Las Vegas, like in New Orleans, majority of Team Tony gets arrested, leaving only the player and Tony Hawk alone. The level re-appears in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland, only the level is renamed as the "Casino", the elevator is gone, and it is relocated at East Los Angeles, California.


The level takes place in a casino in Las Vegas. The level is an indoor/outdoor casino with a casino section, a shopping mall with a bar, swimming pools and a waterfall. Some of the gaps in this level like "Icarus' Descent" uses names from Greek mythology. So we can assume this takes place in Caesar's Palace.

Also, no casino in Las Vegas where they have an aquarium elevator. However, the elevator is based on the Aquadom, and was actually located in Berlin, Germany.


  • In THUG 2 Remix, the only way to access the helipad is during The Equilizer mission or using the moon gravity cheat to wall jump to the area. Walking in the open door does not take you to where an entrance that would've existed in the level.
  • In THAW, the player can be able to access the high roller room with the moon gravity cheat, and the player will notice the room is empty, and he can break the glass.

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