This page contain level specific glitches in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3.


  • Sometimes skater may fall into the hot pit in the middle of the level without be respawned. It will keep skater in the small yellow box until player will ollie high enough.
  • Skater may stuck into water pool without being respawned.
  • Skater may bounce off the wall if he will jump to the right at the far ramp.


  • If skater will try to ollie under the dead tree, he will fall through the ground right into the water.
  • If player will perform ollie at the main spawn point, there is a chance to remain floating on the top of the ramp.


  • To the right of the bay view there is a building that have a gap in the cornerr. It is possible to carefully skate into that gap and get into the building and some outside area.
  • It is possible to jump over the wall at the red flag position.
  • It is possible to jump over the wall at the middle road.


  • If you do a manual trick and run into the ice cream truck, instead of bailing, you'll bounce back, and won't lose the combo, however you won't gain any more points if you continue the combo


  • At the helipad it is possible to jump over the wall after wallride.
  • At the beginning skater can jump outside the airport, but he will stuck there and keep floating around. It will prevent run from being finished.
  • It is possible to get outside the airport at the second restroom and the last hall.
  • At the second luggage control skater may fall into the ramp and skate inside.
  • At the same spot skater may grind the lamp, jump to another one, but hit it instead of grind, pressing grind button again will make skater to hit it again. After 3-4 times skater will bail.

SKater IslandEdit

  • Skater may fall through some objects.

Los AngelesEdit

  • It is possible to fall into US Bank Tower near the spawn point by grinding the edge to the end. Skater will ride on the ground inside Tower and the nearby ramp.
  • Skater may fall into store at the carwash area. You should jump on the small roof at the end of the level and then ride carefull into the wall corner above the store.


  • ???

Cruise ShipEdit

  • While online play, skater may spawn on the invisible part of the ship. It will appear after skater will leave this sector.
  • By riding carefully down the spiral tube into the water, skater may fall under the water and skater on the pool's bottom.
  • By jumping under the spiral tube, skater may fall through the floor and skate on the spiral tube's reflection, which is a model as well. Skater may jump off there to the glassed greenhouse.

Oil RigEdit

  • Skater may fall onto the barge, while falling animation is playing. This will lead skater to float on the barge until he will fall of it into the water.

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