Levitate Grind

The Levitate Grind.

THUG2Remix - Hippie Guru - Guru Grind

Levitate Grind is a special grind. The player grinds and levitates in a sitting position on top of the skateboard, with the skateboard rolling from the side. In THUG 2 Remix, there is a variant called Guru Grind, which can be unlocked by finding Zephyrus (also known as Hippie Guru) in Santa Cruz. It's different than the Levitate Grind. The skater sits in midair, but his hands will be above his head, while the skateboard grinds a 50-50.

Players must have a full special meter before executing this trick.

Note that the Levitate Grind and the Guru Grind are obviously not real, and should not be tried in real life to avoid serious injury.

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