Muscle Car

The muscle car in Tampa.

The muscle car is one of the many vehicles that you can drive in Tony Hawks Underground.


  • The Muscle car is modeled after a 1977 pontiac trans am.


  • This car was originally going to be available in New Jersey but was cut for unknown reasons.
  • The muscle car can be found in tampa in the grass lot in front of the Strip club.
  • This is the only vehicle on side of the Mini baja that can be used in Create-A-Park goals.
  • For some reason the Parked muscle car in Tampa Has better detail than the one you can actually drive.
  • The files for this car still exist in Tony Hawks Underground 2 and are just unused.
  • The black car in the College level from THPS4 is the same model just different textures.
  • This vehicle can be placed in Create-A-Park as a prop.


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