Private Carrera

Private Carrera is a fictional female skater which appears in several Tony Hawk's games.

Origin and appearanceEdit

Private carrera is a secret character featured in the original games up to THPS3. According to the original game info, she is from Fort Worth and her age is "barely legal". She usually appears in a white top and green bottom clothes. In THPS2 she also had her second outfit where she had a bathing suit on - a tan top and a green bikini bottom.

As told by Tony Hawk, Private Carrera was proposed by a certain Neversoft employee and that the name "Carrera" is actually a reference to the Porsche 911 Carrera sports car, not a porn actress. However, the designs for the skateboards, and the bio for Private Carrera point towards being one.

THPS2 BioEdit

"Originally from Roswell, NM, army brat Private Carrera is ready for action. If it's hard... like skateboarding... she's on it! Creator of such classic skate moves as the Ho Ho-Ho and Somi Spin, Carrera is always ready for some stiff competition."

Special tricksEdit

  • THPS1: Well Hardflip, Somi Spin, Ho Ho Ho
  • THPS2: Fifty-5 Ho Slide, Ho Ho Handplant, Double Splits
  • THPS3: Handspring Layout, Ahhh yeahhh!, Ho Ho Sad Plant


  • There is no way to unlock Private Carrera in THPS1, except using a cheat code. She will replace Officer Dick.
  • In order to unlock Carrera in THPS2, the player has to find all the gaps in the game, or enter a cheat code. However, Carrera is available in the N64 version of THPS2 only through a cheat replacing Officer Dick.
  • When Private Carrera is chosen in THPS3 menu Rasta Guy says "I'm checkin' you out, checking me out".
  • Carerra's stat points are called "demerit points" in THPS3.
  • The design for the "Joystick" skateboard in THPS2 appears to have a decal of an Atari 2600 controller from the late 70's.
  • Private Carrera was removed in Treyarch ports of THPS2. It features Trixie instead.


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