Robot School2 Grind-640x360

Roberta in School 2

Roberta is a robot featured as a secret character in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. The character is included in the game much for the same reason as the Neversoft Eyeball was featured in Pro Skater 3, to promote the developer, Robomodo's mascot. Roberta is a rather unique character, being the first non-human character to appear in Pro Skater HD as of yet. It is also uncharacteristic of skaters from the first two iterations of the Pro Skater series to feature such unrealistic special moves, aside from Spiderman's in Pro Skater 2. She is so far the only new made-up skater in the game(unless you count the first DLC), as Ollie the Magic Bum and Officer Dick are returning characters of the series.

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