Animal Sanchez


Sanchez is Iggy Van Zandt's dog in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

Missions with Sanchez Edit

Buildin' a Ramp Edit

You've reached the Skate Ranch, but the cupboards are looking a little bare. You'll need to chip in by "borrowing" certain items around town to make it just a wee bit more tight. First, to build the inaugural halfpipe, you'll need to collect some wood. Do a skitch on Iggy's dog, Sanchez, as you would a car and he'll lead you to a couple "No Skateboarding" signs, which you'll need to smash up with your board for wood. No worries if you fall off, because Sanchez will wait for you go grab his tail again. Once you've smashed the signs up, get back to Iggy's by following the green marker on compass.[1]

References Edit

  1. Story Mode part 4

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