School 1 render.

School is a Tony Hawk's Pro Skater level, which also later appeared in Tony Hawk's Underground 2.


School level is a fictional area located in Miami, Florida.



  • High Score - 7,500 Points
  • Grind 5 Tables
  • Get S-K-A-T-E
  • Hidden Tape
  • Pro Score - 25,000 Points

In THUG2's Classic Mode:

  • High Score - 125,000 Points (250,000 in Sick Mode)
  • Pro Score - 250,000 Points (500,000 in Sick Mode)
  • Sick Score - 400,000 Points (750,000 in Sick Mode)
  • High Combo - 80,000 Points (200,000 in Sick Mode)
  • Collect S-K-A-T-E
  • Collect C-O-M-B-O
  • Set Off 5 Fire Alarms
  • Smash 5 Schoolbooks
  • Double Kickflip the Kicker Gap
  • Get the Secret Tape!


  • School is often referred as School 1 and considered as School 2's predecessor.
  • Beta version of School did not include the main building in the middle of the level.
  • According to the World Map in the Level Selection of Tony Hawk's Underground 2, School is based in South Africa.
  • School was one of the levels that did not enter in THUG level roster, however level files still can be found there.
  • In The Pro Skater version of the level, a mural depicting the cover art for the album Freedumb by Suicidal Tendencies (whose song "Cyco Vision" appears on the Pro Skater 1 soundtrack), predating Pro Skater's release by 3 months, appears on a wall in the middle of the level. The Mural was Changed in the Pro Skater 2X and Underground 2 versions of the level.
  • Also in the Pro Skater version of the level, a screen showing random FMV sequences for the soundtrack appeared by the pool area. The sequences were replaced by the Treyarch logo and a generic message in the Pro Skater 2X and Underground 2 versions, respectively, of the level.

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