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Tony Hawk shredding the bleachers in the Tampa Skate Park.

Tampa Skate Park is a level first found in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2X. It is a competition level in the TH2X career mode of the game, with sections for both vert and street skaters. The vert section is found outside of the building in which the player spawns, while the street section is inside of the building. The level offers something for every skater and has many trick spots to get good scores in the competition. The street section offers a mix of ramps and rails, and you can grind almost anything from bleachers to air vents in this area. The vert section has wide open spaces which allow for plenty of huge air to get great points. This level also features the daunting loop.

Trivia Edit

  • This level was recycled for the Tampa level of Tony Hawk's Underground, more specifically, the Tampa AM Competition. The indoor park area stayed exactly the same, but the outdoor area was heavily altered due to the level being greatly enlarged to represent Tampa as a city, rather than just the skatepark.
  • The player can grind a power line across to the roof of the main competition area's building. There is dog relaxing on the top of the roof in a chair watching TV; jumping over him discovers a gap while he mysteriously vanishes.

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