DEVELOPED BY Neversoft Entertainment

Lead Programmer: Mick West

Programming: Jason Keeney Ryan McMahon Christer Ericson

Additional Programming: Dave Cowling Kendall Harrison Mike Day

Lead Artist: Silvio Porretta

Artists: Johnny Ow Darren Thorne

Characters and Animation: Noel Hines

Production Director: Jason Uyeda

Designers: Aaron Cammarata Chris Rausch

Associate Producer: Ralph D'Amato

Producer: Scott Pease

Executive Producer: Joel Jewett

Executive Art Director: Chris Ward

Human Resources: Sandy Newlands Lisa Edmison

Support: Souris Hong-Porretta Everyone at SkateStreet

PUBLISHED BY: Activision, Inc.

Producer: Dave Stohl

Associate Producers: Nicole Willick Jenny Park

Programmer: Gary Jesdanun

Voice Acting SFX: Casey Mongillo Joey Kuras

Video Editing and Compression: Christopher Hepburn

Intro Movie: Larry Paolicelli

Activision Skater: Gary Brunetti

Additional Art: Danny Matson

Additional Music: Brian Bright


Tony Hawk Bob Burnquist Kareem Campbell Rune Glifberg Bucky Lasek Chad Muska Andrew Reynolds Geoff Rowley Elissa Steamer Jamie Thomas

And Introducing: Officer Dick


Exec. VP Worldwide Studios: Mitch Lasky

Senior VP Studios: Steve Crane


VP of Marketing: Marc Metis

Product Manager: William Kassoy

Marketing Associate: Serene Chan

Senior Publicist: Amy King


QA Director: Jim Summers

QA Manager, Console Division: Marilena Morini

Senior QA Lead: Joe Favazza

QA Lead: Christopher Toft

QA Testers: Chad Bordwell Tomas Hernandez Rajeev Joshi Tanya Oviedo Mike Stephan Brian Ullmer Seth Williams Leonel Zuniga

QA Special Thanks: Jim Summers Jason Wong Tanya Langston Nicholas Favazza


Sr. V.P. International: Bob Dewar

Sales Director Europe: John Burns

UK Product Manager: Matti Kuorehjarvi

Localization Supervisor: Nathalie Dove

Creative Services Ignited Minds, LLC

Copywriter Lori Ellison

Package Design Erik Jensen

Manual Writing & Layout Belinda M. Van Sickle

"The End" video footage courtesy of Birdhouse

"Jump Off a Building" video footage courtesy of Toy Machine

"Misled Youth" video footage courtesy of Zero

Special Thanks To:

Linus Chen, penultimate gamer Jay Halderman Bryant Bustamante Sarah Cigliano Murali Tegulapalle Stacey Ytuarte Ryan Sinnock Chris Archer Maddie Nervous Pr. Carrera Logan Stormbringer Skatestreet Hot Rod Skate Shop Transworld Skateboarding 411 Video Magazine Birdhouse City Stars The Firm Flip Shorty's TUM-YETO Toy Machine Zero Adio Axion Circa Diakka DWINDLE DISTRIBUTION ES EMERICA ETNIES FOUR STAR DISTRIBUTION HURLEY INTERNATIONAL INNES Mountain Dew OAKLEY'S Sole Technologies Tech Decks

Special Shouts Go Out To:

SILVIO: Souris, my wife and Fake Funk Skateboards for hooking us up with Suicidal Tendencies and much more.

Yem and the AM7 graffiti crew

Chaos skate shop in Santa Monica.

CHRIS R: Lynn: For dealing with my insane hours...and our kids

Matt Freitas-Trevor Esposito: Check out their killer FAQ's!

Brandon Villegas from Atomic Garage: Thanx for the SF tapes!

AARON: Ilona: Congratulations! With Love, Your Prime Mate.

Special Thanks to Joel C.: architect, skater, punk.

JOHNNY: "Die Bort, Die!" "Hail Bastards!"

MICK: Holly - Happy New Year!

RYAN: Mom, Dad, and Brendan, for your love and encouragement.

Linda T. - I said I'd put you in a game somehow, so here you are!

SP: Much jungle karma to the Pease and Andras clans.

AAP - thanks for being there as this game slowly destroyed our life.

Props to White Chocolate, Bruins in 2000!

RALPH: Cindy for sticking by me through all the madness.

Mom and Papa for always being there.

JASON U: Red Bull, Vodka, Bass Jagermeister, XTC Spice Girls, Ace of Base

CHRIS H: Wants to thank Hilary, Justus, Eliza and Motion Media for support and say hey to Jono B.

NEVERSOFT: Everyone who skates, and all you guys who emailed us.

Special No Thanks to:

Whales, The vermin of the ocean


Send us your ideas:

Featuring noseslides, tailslides, and more bluntslides.

We promise.

Thanks for playing...



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